Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sister of the Week: Emily

Congratulations to Emily, our Sister of the Week!
Emily is a Big Sister! Pretty runs in the family.... 

Immediately since she joined, she loved Zeta and wanted to be dedicated and involved in our organization.  She currently serves as our Membership Vice President, and has been reelected for another term next academic year.
Emily recruiting at Activities Unlimited

On top of all this, she just crossed a wonderful class of our newest members: She did an fantastic job inviting people to rush, coordinating rush, and helping them through the MIT process.  She also has been planning creative and fun bonding events for our chapter.  And yes, they are all a blast!
Emily and our newest members!

Emily has stolen all of our hearts at Zeta—she is a great friend, a caring member, and able to make us all smile.  Thanks for being an incredible sister to us!  

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